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Mark your calendar

10/10/2020 DoubleTree Hotel, Torrance Penthouse Ballroom .This is the big one!


Half a century later, one unforgettable weekend. Friday through Sunday - one event after the next!  The stories! The changes! OMG! You did what?!!! Hilarious

How much will it cost?
About what you’d pay for a special evening. This is. The penthouse room has glass walls, with large round tables, a bartender, and a nice dance floor. Dinner is salad, choice of 3 entrees and dessert. Soft music through dinner, then dance music.  For all this, $95 max, going down to $75 if we maximize attendance.

Here’s what you do
Click here and tell us you’re coming and your music choices. We will give you the price, your menu choice, and lodging options. You can also help us find the Missing, and join the Committee to double your fun.  You have time, now. Don’t waste it.

What about COVID?

KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN.  If you sign up, but then COVID still interferes, you get a full refund and we postpone to the next best day.  You risk nothing.  

Prices include approximated expense for decorations, entertainment, parking, tax and tip. Prices do not include alcohol.

MHS 50th venue
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