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Ashdown, Patti (Pancoast) 
Berman, Pam (Cary)

Berryhill, John
Carlson, Ken

Locating MHS 70 / FB Admin

Castrogiovanni, Tana

Locating MHS 70 
Damiano, John

Venue site

de Hoop, Sylvie (Waxman) 

(Website, FB admin & Tech support contact) 

Embree, Kathy Anne (Pray)

Venue site 

Ferguson, Doris (Gash)

Fox, Ronald 

Fuire, John
Huisenga, Joe

Keyser, Krystal (Armstrong)

Contact / FB Moderator
Mason, Juliana Gail (Smith)


Michel, Carole (Bowman)

Contact / FB Moderator 

Powers,Tracy Albert

Locating MHS 70 

Samples, Lorita Luvette (Seaton)

Locating MHS 70

Splan, David

Taylor, Herbie

Venue site 
Torres, Gloria

Venue Site 
Wahl, Sharon (Hawkins) 
Williamson, Saundrell (Robinson)  
Zopfi, Louise (Taylor) 


Being on the Committee just means you're officially helping, and you make the decisions about when and where, how much, special activities, and so forth. There is no commitment except for what you say you'll do.  Being on the Committee is actually more fun than the Reunion because of the people who are on it, as you can see from the list.  There are other ways to help.


To start with, we want to hear your ideas. This is YOUR reunion. What would YOU like?

Secondly, you see we still have half the class to find. If you know how to contact these people in the Looking For list, do it, put their information in the form on the first page, or have them contact us directly. Even if you only know where one is, they might know where 10 are.


Third, you may have skills or connections we can use.  For example, if you have become a website/techie person, you can help improve this website, set up a Facebook or Twitter page, to help get the word out.  We need artists, performers, decorators, promoters, printers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and people who can set up video conferencing.  There's more, but you get the idea.  You have a half century of knowledge to contribute - use it!

We want to make this the best reunion ever. Ever!  Make it happen! We have a weekend to fill up, and lots do other than the main banquet Saturday night.


We are the Class of '70.  


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